Film and TV

MAGO FILMS delivers you exclusive content that we produce in partnership with our large network of professionals.


TV Reports & News Coverage

Music videos, Commercials & Imagefilms

• Consulting, Concept & Script Development
• In-depth research by our editors & journalist partners
• Filming in all common digital formats
• Drone Filming & High Speed Cameras
• Post-Production & Delivery

Immersive Video Productions​

"In cooperation WITH OUR PARTNERS we create immersive experiences."

360° Film & Photography

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

360° Photography, film & immersive video allow us to see the world around us, and not only a part of it. This opens the doors to understanding new contexts through a new lens

Augmented reality is the integration of virtual elements with the physical world. AR is already present in our daily routines and is accessed simply via our smartphones. We prioritize the use of WebAr.

Virtual reality is a customizable tool which permits to create new realities and interact with them in a one-on-one format. The immersive capability is best experienced when viewed through a VR headset.


Our production service provides you a "one-stop-shop" so that you can focus on being creative.

Production Handling

In-depth Research

Translation / Transcription

Fixing / Line Producing

Locations / Recce

Equipment & Props

Permits & Paperwork

Cast & Production Crew

Travel & Accomodation